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Sell Your Products Online

Custom built eCommerce sites to sell and accept payments online

Are you looking for a professionally built, well managed web site to sell your products with excellent support? You've found it!

Many companies offer online shops but they come with limitations. One of these is limited access to the backend of your web site, meaning that you are not able to make important changes required for, for example, search engine optimisation purposes. This means that your shop cannot be easily found online and what's the point of having a shop if people cannot find you?

Custom designs

We build web sites to match your business. When you sign up, we will put a design together for you and e-mail a design proof to you. If you like the design, we will go ahead and build your new site based on that design. If you do not like it for any reason, no problem - just let us know and we will either make amendments or put a brand new design together for you.

Once you have settled on a design, we will build your site ensuring that it is search engine friendly. We will also install your payment gateway e.g. PayPal, so that you can start accepting orders straight away.

We will fully test your site and of course, we are here to support you if you have any questions.

Fully supported

Once your site is live, we continue to support you. Your new site is built on a Content Management System (CMS) which means you can log in at any time and make updates to the site. Not only that, we also provide you with up to two updates a month so if you get stuck or you're simply too busy, just e-mail us the updates and we will make them for you.



Pay as you go Design and go
Site design: Customised Customised
Non-product Pages: Pages such as blogs, 'About Us', 'Contact Us' and other non-commerce pages Unlimited Unlimited
Products: The number of products that you can upload to your site and sell Unlimited Unlimited
Payment Gateways: How your customers will pay for example using PayPal, credit cards etc. Unlimited Unlimited
Shipping & tax settings: Install various shipping rates to charge people various amounts for postage based on the weight of the products they've ordered, geographical location etc. Unlimited Unlimited
Responsive: 'Responsive' web sites adapt to fit the screen they are being viewed on so that they can be viewed on laptops, tablets and mobile phones
FREE domain name: Your domain name or web site address. If you do not already have one, we'll register one for you
Website editor: We include an easy to use editor so that you can log into your web site and make updates at any time
Filters: Pages such as blogs, 'About Us', 'Contact Us' and other non-commerce pages.
Downloadable products: Allow your customers to buy downloadable products online
Order management: We provide you with a management screen in the backend of your web site so that you can see which orders have come in and mark those that have been completed
1 Page Checkout: Make it really simple for your customers to complete their order with a one page checkout
Keyword rich URLs: We make your site easy for the search engines to find it by including your product details in the URL
Banner slideshow: Highlight offers and your main products on the homepage to entice buyers
New Products: Add new products whenever you want to. Just log into the backend and add new products and if you get stuck, just get in touch
Special Offers Products: Add special offers and discounts to your products and these will be automatically highlighted on your site for your customers to see
Featured Products: Tick the 'featured' button on some of your products to feature them on the home page of your web site. Ideal for special promotions and holiday deals
Product Reviews: Allow customers to sign in and add reviews of the products
Tell A Friend: We include a 'Tell a Friend' button so that your customers can e-mail the products details and link to their friends
Newsletter Subscribe: Add a newsletter to your web site so that your customers can subscribe to receive your latest updates and new product news
Gift Cards: Allow people to buy gift vouchers to use on your site. Great for Christmas and birthday gifts
Blog: Pages such as blogs, 'About Us', 'Contact Us' and other non-commerce pages.
Email addresses: Add as many e-mails as you need for your business. Add an e-mail address for each department too so that you can have info@, sales@ and support@
Email forwarding: Add e-mail forwarders so that you can have info@, sales@ etc. and any e-mails sent to those addresses will all go to the same account, saving you from checking multiple accounts
Phone & email support: If you get stuck with your site, just get in touch and we can help. Don't forget that we will also update your site twice a month if you're too busy or need some help
Dedicated project manager: Speak directly to the person responsible for designing and building your web site so that no details are 'lost in translation'


No minimum term - no risk!

There are no minimum contract terms with us so you can cancel your contract if needed. There are no cancellation fees, no questions.

What are you waiting for?

With low costs and no risks, what's stopping you? Choose one of our flexible packages now and get your site online!

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Pay as you go
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Design and go

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Jill, Church Oast Bed and Breakfast

They were able to reflect the ethos of my business, highlight the strengths and responded very quickly to any suggestions I made. I was very impressed with the service and thought it good value for money.