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Pro Training PT

Kate: "We are a Personal Training studio that also runs classes along side it"

Site Features

  • Content management system
  • Online contact form
  • Mobile friendly - works on mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Integrated online booking system

Customer Rating

How was the communication with us?: Very Good

5 stars

How did you find our response times to your questions?: Very Good

5 stars

What did we do really well?: Very quick responding, and coming up with unique ideas as I am not that creative! James has helped me so much in launching the website! We have had such positive feedback!

What can we do better?: n/a

Kate's Comments

"Faversham are very good value for money with what you get from them. Very quick at responding and the design element is great!"

See the Pro Training PT site online, now.


180726 bozeat

John: "Private hire operator. Working from home. Single driver doing airport transfers etc. since 2009. I started working with Faversham Designs about three years ago"

Site Features

  • Content management system
  • Online contact form
  • Mobile friendly - works on mobiles, tablets and desktops

Customer Rating

How was the communication with us?: Very Good

5 stars

How did you find our response times to your questions?: Very Good

5 stars

What did we do really well?: Built my site really quickly which is very good value on the lease basis. Feedback from my customers is positive. Clear site easy to follow. If I require changes always actioned within 24 hours. Optimization seems right as customers find me locally easily.

What can we do better?: I am completely happy with Faversham Designs.

John's Comments

"Faversham Designs are ideal for the small business. Cost effective web presence available to all. My site was built quickly and is very professional. My customers often remark on its clarity and ease of use. I have recommended FD to many other small businesses local to me. FD have provided my web presence for 3+ years"

See the Bozeat site online online, now.


This year has been extremely busy for the team and to finish the year off, we decided to upgrade our server farm.

Our new systems are much more powerful than the previous set up and this has given us a number of benefits. Firstly, Google and other search engines monitor the loading speeds of web sites using tools like PageSpeed. We all want web sites to load as fast as possible so that we do not waste time waiting and Google takes load times into consideration when ranking sites in their search engine. As with all SEO related things, loading times is just one factor that Google takes into consideration but it's an easy one to fix.

You can test the loading time of your own web site using the PageSpeed tool - just type in your web site address and click 'Analyze'. If you get a warning about your site's load time, it may be time to switch to a different web host. Get in touch if you'd like us to see if we can help with your hosting and speed up your load times.

With our new server farm, load speeds have significantly improved and we've seen with our SEO customers that their sites have benefitted from the upgrade.

Another advantage of the upgrade is that we are now able to offer free SSL certificates. These have a number of benefits including, as above, they can help boost your site in the search engine rankings.

We are continually improving our systems to make life easier for our customers and provide additional features.

If you have any questions about your site or how we could help improve its rankings in the search engine results pages, please get in touch.


170326 tms

We have recently completed a huge content update for TMS Motorsport's web site.

TMS Motorsport is an online seller of parts and accessories for race cars. Based in Wokingham, they sell parts across the UK to motorsport enthusiasts who are upgrading or tuning their car for road or track use.

They have thousands of products in stock and wanted their site to be more user friendly, having engaging text on their site instead of the supplier-produced text which every other site has.

As well as making the text more engaging, the new content needed to be SEO friendly - allowing their web site to climb the search engine rankings when people were searching Google for specific replacement parts.

Over the course of a couple of months, we replaced much of the text on the site with new, search engine friendly wording that was more useful and engaging to their potential customers.

As well as helping the site move up in the search engine results, the long-term plan was to reduce their spend on Google Adwords each month. Originally, most of the traffic coming into the site was through Google Adwords, which costs the business money each time someone clicks on one of their ads. As the site moves up the search engine results naturally, more people will find the site this way and so less money will need to be spent on Adwords, meaning a long term saving.

Take a look at their site here:


170326 mindful

Mindful Presenter is web site to promote their presentation skills and public speaking workshop courses for professionals.

The courses are run across the UK and around the world, helping people in senior positions to develop their presentation skills and to end the 'death by PowerPoint' culture that has developed in recent years. The workshops are designed to make the presentations more interesting, engaging and memorable.

We were recently asked to add a new 'Style Quiz' to their web site. This allows people to complete a short online quiz, in a fun and simple format, so that they can get a better insight into the type of presenter that they are. The quiz takes around a minute to complete and then it gives you scores in each category and gives you a description of the type of presenter that you are.

We developed the quiz and added it as a custom page to the existing WordPress site.

Why not give it a go yourself at

You should also take a look at their blog, which gives a fascinating insight into the presenting styles of many famous politicians, business people and entrepreneurs. Take a look here:


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Jill, Church Oast Bed and Breakfast

They were able to reflect the ethos of my business, highlight the strengths and responded very quickly to any suggestions I made. I was very impressed with the service and thought it good value for money.