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Mindful Presenter is web site to promote their presentation skills and public speaking workshop courses for professionals.

The courses are run across the UK and around the world, helping people in senior positions to develop their presentation skills and to end the 'death by PowerPoint' culture that has developed in recent years. The workshops are designed to make the presentations more interesting, engaging and memorable.

We were recently asked to add a new 'Style Quiz' to their web site. This allows people to complete a short online quiz, in a fun and simple format, so that they can get a better insight into the type of presenter that they are. The quiz takes around a minute to complete and then it gives you scores in each category and gives you a description of the type of presenter that you are.

We developed the quiz and added it as a custom page to the existing WordPress site.

Why not give it a go yourself at

You should also take a look at their blog, which gives a fascinating insight into the presenting styles of many famous politicians, business people and entrepreneurs. Take a look here:


The majority of our customers are on pay monthly web site plans, meaning that for a small fee each month we build, maintain, host, update, backup and generally look after their web site so that they can focus on their businesses instead of worrying about all of the boring technical stuff.

As part of this, we always encourage our customers to review their sites every so often and think about any new features that they would like adding. Last week we implemented three updates which are useful but things that people rarely think of when they first have their sites built.

Of course, because of the pay monthly plans, all of these updates were done for free.

  1. I Am Your PA -

    Della asked us if it would be possible to add a 'click to call' button to her web site so that anyone visiting the page could call her easily.

    Previously visitors had to copy the phone number down and then enter it into their phone. Now, they can just click on the button and their phone will automatically start calling Della's number.

    It's a small and simple addition to the site but it makes the user's experience much easier.

  2. Platoon Stores -

    Pete runs Platoon Stores, an online retailer selling various BB guns, knifes and hunting related equipment. He asked us whether we could add functionality to his site so that he could offer discount vouchers and bundles deals to customers.

    The discount voucher system was already added to his site but we have now added 'bundle deal' functionality so that he can set up discount for his customers if they buy certain products e.g. if they buy three particular products, they receive a 15% discount on their order.

    This was slightly more complicated to set up but it is a great way to 'up sell' to customers - generating more income for the shop whilst also providing loyal customers with a way to save money.

  3. Jewellers in Kent -

    Kim runs a jewellery shop in Sandwich in Kent and an online shop. He wanted to add functionality to his shop so that he could offer a 10% discount on products in certain categories.

    This is a great way to offer customers a discount but limit it to certain products easily i.e. you do not need to update every product that you would like to offer a discount on, rather you can just apply the discount voucher to an entire category of products.

    This update has now been applied and Kim is busy e-mailing his mailing list of customers, letting them know about the special Christmas deal.



 Platoon Stores ecommerce web site

Last year Pete from Platoon Stores got in contact with us after having a problem with their web site. They were running a Magento based eCommerce site and there had been a problem which caused the entire site to come offline.

Magento is a powerful and widely used platform for selling online but simple problems can cause major issues and we'd seen this particular problem before. It was a five minute fix so we jumped in and fixed the problem for Pete free of charge. Sometimes people just need help quickly and if you can help them, why not?

A few weeks later Pete called again and he wanted to move his site over to our hosting platform due to issues that he was having with the current host. He also wanted to upgrade the site and move away from Magento.

Skip ahead 12 months later and after many, many hours of work from Pete's team, all of their products have now been uploaded and their new online shop is now live.

Their new site is based on the Joomla platform with the Virtuemart component handling the shop side of things. The site has over 1,500 products and can accept payments using PayPal and SagePay.

The next step is to link their site to an EPOS system in their shop to ensure that stock records are maintained accurately as in-shop and online sales will all be using the same stock database.

To take a look at the huge range of products that Platoon Stores offer, please visit their web site.


161013aThis year, we have been working with Faversham Activity Centre to promote their web site online - bringing more visitors to the site and into the centre itself.

As with any SEO project, we started by checking where the site was ranking for various keywords that the centre wanted to be found with online. Once we had these results, we were able to determine which areas we needed to work on first. Some keywords were not ranking at all and therefore would take longer for the site to get to the first page of Google results so we started working on these keywords first.

We have made many technical changes to the site to ensure that Google and the other search engines see the site, understand what services the centre offers and ensure that the site is ranking high in the search results.

These technical changes include adding the appropriate meta data to pages, adding header tags, installing a site map and ensuring the site loads fast enough by compressing code and images.

There are many aspects to improving a site's ranking in the search engines and because each site is different, there's no step-by-step guide to follow.



Below is a graph showing where the site started in the Google search rankings for the term 'Faversham gym'. Before we started our work, if you typed 'Faversham gym' into Google, the centre's site would appear in 45th position, meaning it was on the fifth page of the results given. Customers would need to be quite determined to find you to look through 44 results before getting to you.

As you can see, the graph moves up as we start work on the site and each blue dot represents when we have checked the rankings. The red line indicates the first page of Google so any blue dots above the red line mean that the site is appearing on the first page of search results.



Since starting the search engine optimisation work on the site, we have monitored the site's progress in the rankings every month and kept track of what worked and what did not. As you can see, the site is now ranked number one for 'Faversham gym' and has been there for some time.

We will continue to monitor the site and if it falls below first place, we will make further changes to improve its ranking again.

Unfortunately SEO is not a one time job. Often a lot of work needs to be done at first to achieve a high-ranking position in the search results but once a site is there, often it can just be monitored and only worked on again if the situation changes.

To find out more about search engine optimisation and how it can help your business, why not get in touch?


Burmantofts Nursery School web site

Burmantofts is a purpose built nursery, offering full and part time care for children aged 6 months to 4 years inclusive, in Leeds.

Run by manager Karen, the nursery recently decided to create their first web site to advertise what they do to local parents and also offer a way to show off their lovely facilities.

Karen contacted us and asked if we could put together a design for their new site, which we did and after board approval, we moved ahead and started to build their new site.

The web site features some basic information at the moment but as the nursery develops, so too will the site. At the moment we are focussing on adding the basic information required by parents - fees, application forms, photo galleries - then we will add more as requests from parents come in.

The site is built on the latest version of the Joomla Content Management System meaning that the nursery team can log in at any point and make changes to the site if they would like to but of course, we are here to update the site if they are too busy.

Like all of our web site packages, we ensure that the site is updated with the latest software versions and protected with our firewall. We also take four backup copies of the site each day just-in-case there’s a problem. Whether you have a personal blog, business web site or nursery site - you can focus on the important things and let us take care of the web site for you.

Click here to see their new web site - Burmantofts Community Nursery


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